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Smart Recorder Pro FAQ

How to quick start recording?

Double click the upper left Recording button to activate the Quick Recording function.

How to transcript recording?

1.To get a complete transcription file, after every recording, enter "My Documents" and click the audio file to get into the detailed page and click to upload; If you want to have the complete transcription obtained automatically, click "My"-"Transcription Settings" to turn on the "Automatic Transcription Uploading After Recording" switch; The transcription file will have higher accuracy rate than that of the real-time transcription you see.
2.If you are in dire need of the transcription result, please click sped up transcription and the results can be obtained after it is uploaded for 5-15 mins.
3.The upload time depends on the network environment. If the results cannot be obtained after a long while, please check whether the transcription is uploaded.

How to re-get the transcription if it was failed to transcript?

Click "Upload Audio" to re-obtain the transcription in the player to fix the transcription failure caused by network or other reasons.

How to share transcription?

Connect the device to the computer by USB cable when the device is on. Unlock the connected device and choose "Permit" in the request access popup to check the transcription result in Computer-Equipment and drives-Recording Pen and have it exported to the computer.

How to export recordings?

1. After recording, upload the audio file to the Cloud. Log in the recording pen account on the iFLYTEK web end and download the file.
2. Connect the device to the computer by the USB cable and find the text and audio files in the corresponding folder.
(PS. For Apple computer which uses MAC system, Android File Transfer Tools like ANDROIDFILETRANSFER need to be downloaded. Connect by USB cable and activate the tool to check the recording pen file. Currently external file import into the recorder pen is not supported.)

How to select subtitle?

1)Choose "Camera" in the upper right corner of the home page to enter the camera page. Then swipe right switching to "Video" page and click the upper right button to turn on the "Real-time Subtitles" function. You canchoose the recognized language of the subtitles. In the network state, click to start rolling and you will get to see the subtitles transcripted real-time while shooting the video.
2)Save the video and click to enter the video checking and choose the "Subtitles Recognition" in the lower right corner of the page. After the subtitles are done recognized, you can choose to re-recognize, delete the subtitles.