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iFLYTEK Smart Recorder

Long-Distance Recording, supporting recordings up to 10m

Offline Transcription

How We Assisted Our Customers

Good partner for studying abroad
After using iFLYTEK Recorder, I can transcribe the learning content in real time, making studying abroad much easier.
Suitable for outdoor use without WIFI
As an outdoor worker , I've been using iFLYTEK Recorder record water quality information. It allows me to capture work-related data through voice even in remote areas.
Recording Business Meetings
I frequently rely on iFLYTEK Recorder for business communications, ensuring I never miss a detail in our discussions.

Where Can We Make a Difference?

Outstanding products with exceptional brands

Outstanding products with exceptional brands

Who We Are

iFLYTEK is a global leader in artificial intelligence and intelligent speech technology. Our mission is to revolutionize communication between humans and machines, making interactions more intuitive and efficient. iFLYTEK's solutions span various sectors, including education, healthcare, and consumer electronics, aiming to create a more intelligent and connected world. Empowering individuals and transforming communities, we're shaping the future of AI to be accessible to all.

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