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iFLYTEK Smart Recorder iFLYTEK Smart Recorder iFLYTEK Smart Recorder iFLYTEK Smart Recorder iFLYTEK Smart Recorder

Capture & Transcribe Every Important Conversation

AI devices are poised to streamline productivity, yet they falter without a stable network, often converting efficiency into unexpected delays. Similarly, traditional note-taking battles distractions and noise, making it an unreliable ally in our quest for clarity and precision.

Fully offline, fully yours

Whether you're in a bustling business meeting, an insightful lecture, or conducting outdoor research, your ideas, voice memos, and discoveries are securely recorded, ready to be revisited whenever you need them.

Get started in seconds

Just power on, press record. No complicated setups or configurations, just straightforward recording at your fingertips.

AI-enhanced precision

Our advanced noise reduction algorithms filter out unwanted sounds to ensure your recordings are not just heard, but understood, transforming your audio into valuable insights.

Far-reaching clarity up to 10 meters

Engineered for long-distance recording, it ensures clear audio capture up to 10 meters away. Perfect for large conference rooms, lecture halls, or open spaces, our recorder brings distant sounds closer to you.

Multi-language support

Effortlessly record and transcribe in multiple languages. As the world's top leader in AI voice recognition, iFLYTEK offers unmatched accuracy in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and especially Chinese.

Privacy, priority

Transfer your recordings with peace of mind using secure data transfer via USB. Keep your conversations and transcriptions safe from any external access. Your security is never an afterthought to us.

Touch and go with ease

Navigate your recording experience with our intuitive 2-inch touchscreen. From recording to transcribing, reviewing your files, adjusting settings, and transferring data, this device does it all.

Instant highlights with one-click marking

Highlight important parts of your recordings with a single tap, making it easy to revisit and review crucial information later. With the iFLYTEK Smart Recorder, every significant point is just a click away.

Power through your day

From morning meetings to late-night brainstorming sessions, our recorder ensures you're never cut short. Record for 7 hours (non-stop) on end without worrying about recharging, giving you the freedom to focus on what's being said, not on your battery level.

What in box

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